Thursday, April 30, 2009

Slow going - for sure!

So this is all so slooooooow going! I had the idea that I would be sewing away and all of my ideas would be fabulous (which most of them are, if I do say so myself - haha) and I would have all the hours in the day to sew my heart out. Well. Guess what? That's not really the case, now is it? Uhhh. No.

Here's the reality -

I work 40 hours a week. I pick up the boy from "daycare" (really Karate with an afterschool/summer program - I LOVE IT). I go home. I make dinner (it's past 6 by this point). I get the boy in the bathtub. I get the boy his bedtime snack (now it's 7:15 PM). I put him in the bed. We read a book. I cuddle with him for a few minutes. Now, it's past 8 (most nights). I wipe the nearly asleep from my eyes. I talk to Sean for a few minutes. I work. Now it's 9 PM. I work until Midnight. I'm exhausted.

I get up at 6. I should get up at 4:30. But no. That's not happening!

I'm starting to realize that I'm gung ho. But... as Sean mentioned to me several times - I need to manage my time. He's so right. On the weekends when I'm working, I try to get stuff done - but in reality - I'm all over the place - I'm cleaning, cooking, doing dishes, playing with Lucian. And... in the midst of all that - I work for about ohh.... 2 hours. Boooo!

So, here it is. Time management time! I'm going to manage my time. Effectively.

Now, just how I'm going to do that is a little beyond me... Hmmm... *scratching chin*

Any help? :)