Saturday, December 5, 2009

I know... I've been gone.

So I sort of got caught up in life but I realize that work isn't the most important part of one's life.  Before I had kids and a family, I definitely figured that hey - it's all about me.  I was a complete company person... I am talking overtime, coming in early, coming in on my days off, working late, coming in early, taking on a second job...blah blah.  You know the story.  But then guess what happened?  I had Lucian who is the HIGHLIGHT of my life.  He's stinkin' awesome.  Really and truly he is!  Then Sean came into my life - and he's an AMAZING husband and with him came two pretty neat kids themselves.

Fast forward to today... where I am working myself ragged and not having any time to myself much less time to devote to family.  So I tried AGAIN to quit my job and start a full time at home position making things and selling them.  I still dream and strive to do that... but the quitting my day job didn't go too well.  I was convinced to stay and they're making changes to the format of how they work us.  Ok.  Poop.  I wanted to quit!  BUT, this gives me new insight.  Rather than quitting and relying solely on Sean's income, let's live "light" for the next few months and save save save.  Then I'll quit.  EEE.  Exciting.  I know.  I been talking about it and dreaming about it for stinkin' years now.  Ok, like 2.  But still!

So I'm devoting my "spare" time to blogging and to starting my lines.  I have a Green line SediluGreen where I have baggies, napkins, and a BUNCH of other things like lunch bags and such - all devoted to helping save the planet.. One item at a time! 

I'll also have Sedilu where there will be cutesy things like baby shoes (OMG these I cannot wait to make!!), blankets and some cute applique tee's and such.  OMG.  I can't wait for that either!  I'll do the boutique consignments of course and I won't neglect my online persons that I heart so much!  :) 

But I promise I'll update on family stuff on this site as well as KILLER recipes and such.  It's going to be a challenge but I'm ready for it!

See you soon!  I'll update more and of course add more usable content.  Like tutorials from friends and such!  EEE!