Saturday, December 5, 2009

I know... I've been gone.

So I sort of got caught up in life but I realize that work isn't the most important part of one's life.  Before I had kids and a family, I definitely figured that hey - it's all about me.  I was a complete company person... I am talking overtime, coming in early, coming in on my days off, working late, coming in early, taking on a second job...blah blah.  You know the story.  But then guess what happened?  I had Lucian who is the HIGHLIGHT of my life.  He's stinkin' awesome.  Really and truly he is!  Then Sean came into my life - and he's an AMAZING husband and with him came two pretty neat kids themselves.

Fast forward to today... where I am working myself ragged and not having any time to myself much less time to devote to family.  So I tried AGAIN to quit my job and start a full time at home position making things and selling them.  I still dream and strive to do that... but the quitting my day job didn't go too well.  I was convinced to stay and they're making changes to the format of how they work us.  Ok.  Poop.  I wanted to quit!  BUT, this gives me new insight.  Rather than quitting and relying solely on Sean's income, let's live "light" for the next few months and save save save.  Then I'll quit.  EEE.  Exciting.  I know.  I been talking about it and dreaming about it for stinkin' years now.  Ok, like 2.  But still!

So I'm devoting my "spare" time to blogging and to starting my lines.  I have a Green line SediluGreen where I have baggies, napkins, and a BUNCH of other things like lunch bags and such - all devoted to helping save the planet.. One item at a time! 

I'll also have Sedilu where there will be cutesy things like baby shoes (OMG these I cannot wait to make!!), blankets and some cute applique tee's and such.  OMG.  I can't wait for that either!  I'll do the boutique consignments of course and I won't neglect my online persons that I heart so much!  :) 

But I promise I'll update on family stuff on this site as well as KILLER recipes and such.  It's going to be a challenge but I'm ready for it!

See you soon!  I'll update more and of course add more usable content.  Like tutorials from friends and such!  EEE!


Thursday, June 4, 2009


I gotta tell you something... and it can be our secret, ok? I'm totally infatuated with "green" items. I am talking bags, shopping bags, lunch bags, snack bags, makeup bags, bags bags bags. And (albeit it may sound a bit gross...) female "time of the month" items. I'm talking anything that can be reuable to reduce the amount of waste that is put into the oceans... I'm all for it! I'm completely and utterly obsessed lately. I can't stop reeling on how many items that I can make.

I've been neglecting 2 blanket orders that I've gotten from people at work (they're in no hurry to get them, but still!! It's HORRIBLE!) so that I can sew snack bags. I'm learning how to make sandwich wraps. I'm obsessed with finding neat and pop culture fabrics to make things with. It's a sickness and I don't need help for it. I'm loving every second of it.

I joined today and I have to say - WHAT A FANTABULOUS group. There are groups for pretty much like everything. Green Moms. Business Moms. Mommy moms. Anything you want to talk about - it's there. And it's ridden with smart and intelligble moms. Smart people? WHAT?! Can it be? Yes.

Off topic, I know, but it ties into this next part (I swear).

So I am browsing the Green Moms forum (duh, I'm obsessed, remember?) and I find this post about looking for products to sell on the site that are green. I'm totally in. I was going to be researching where else to sell my stuff in a few weeks anyway... Why not start now!? I mean, no, my product lines aren't finished and NO I don't have a whole lot of designs, but I will - right? I mean, RIGHT? Yes. That's the correct answer... *shew* I was nervous there for a second.... Moving along...

So watch this video:

FABULOUS! I'm totally stoked.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Time Management

I need a course in time management. Seriously. I do.

I always tell Sean that I need to work. So I sit down at my machine, sew something and get up to get something from the office in the garage (really the storage room that we put my junk in) or in the craft closet which is the spare bedroom closet. And then it happens,

I see the dishes. So I stop to do the dishes. I dry them. I put them away. I remember "oh yeah, I wanted to get some ribbon" and I get ribbon. By now, 30 minutes have passed and been wasted.

So I sit down to sew again. And then it happnes...

Lucian comes up to me and wants me to play. So we go build something with Kinex. Another 45 minutes of my workday gone. It was fun and SO worthwhile. But I'm not working.

SO I try to sew again and realize that I need to do laundry. SO I figure that I can throw a load in and sew while it's washing. But on my way back to the machine I need to clean off the counters because they're cluttered. Another 20 minutes gone.

Then something else happens. Someone calls. Sean wants me to go do something. Whatever the case may be...

How much time wasted? What's the use keeping track.... because the point is that the day is gone.
So then Sean gets on my case for always WORKING. But in reality, I'm not WORKING... I'm in the house and distracted. So I get what - an hour or two at the most of actual work happening. Out of an 8 hour day (on the weekend). I try getting up early but that's just an excuse to clean. Sean thinks that I'm working too much. I think that I'm not getting anything done and need to spend time with the family (I agree... which is why....)

It's frustrating. VERY frustrating.
It's frustrating because Sean feels like I'm deserting them. When in reality I'm doing this so I have MORE TIME with them. More time in that when I'm not working my day job - I'll have all day to do what I need to do and then the night time is free - totally free. Free nights and weekends... can you imagine that? Some of you can! I can't. Not yet.

So I have decided that the time that I'm going to work is at night. The weekends will be a STRICT 3 hours of work per day (and that will probably be at night as well).

It's a start. Wish me luck. I'm going to see if I can get some tools and actually USE them to manage my time. I'm nervous. I have butterflies....

Friday, May 29, 2009

Introducing... SEDILU GREEN!

SEDILU GREEN! Logo coming soon (yay!)

I am always one to complain about the plastic in the oceans. I started using reusable bags. I HATE HATE HATE paper plates (we're too much of a society of trash, you know?!!). I don't like plastic cups or styrofoam. I limit the amount of plastic we use (ok, I try, but it's slow - just like everything in my life!). So I decided that I was going to learn how to reduce our waste beyond the plastic grocery bags.

So then the idea of reusable snack bags popped into my head. It's not a new idea - some people have been doing these for a couple of years now (if not longer!) but I fell in love with the idea (and just discovered it really!) and I'm hooked. I decided to start selling the bags in different designs on etsy and I'll be doing consignment as well.

So right now my designs include rock and roll skulls and sort of "gothy" stuff (I am in a total obsession mode with this stuff right now - and to look at me - I don't look anything like that on the outside but inside - retro and rock are busting out!!). Mod. Retro. Rock. Such a combo.

So, in conclusion I have a total of 2 (ok, 3 if you count my backpacks that I do!) going and it's harrowing. Especially only having about 3-4 hours a night to do anything! But it's going to be worth it.

Check me out on etsy (I'll have ebay stores set up by July if backpacks don't kick my rear this year for back to school which really - I HOPE THEY DO... we need the cash flow!):

I'm working up to be able to stay at home and work from the house. Oh the excitement is building daily! And the frustration too of course by me not being able to do it RIGHT NOW. But life goes on and we can only do so much. Typically it takes about 2-3 years for a business to really get in the marketplace. I'm determined to speed that process up.

In the next few weeks I'll be doing some giveaways on different blogs (mine doesn't have any traffic - YET) so my name will be out there. I just have to get my logo designed and everything that goes with it. I'm excited really...

The ideas are flowing! But nothing has materialized again. Time management anyone? I haven't mentioned that yet in any other posts, have I? HA! Such a jokester.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Marketing Op Update

I had forgotten all about me sending those blankets and such to Lucian's school for the baskets. Nothing came out of it. I think that it's because I didn't have good marketing materials.

Everything is so new to me and when I get an idea - it's going to work - no doubt about it! But then... *flat*. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. I find another way that's better but I'm in too many directions.

So, I realized that what I need to do is buckle down and stay up later (which I've been doing lately) and work when there are no distractions. It's working out actually. I mean, pretty good in fact! I still need to get my time management down, but that's a work in process. What works for someone else may not work for me because I have an issue with calendars. I update them and then they disappear (ok, really I forget about them) and there goes my time management.

Out the window like a pretty little hummingbird - fly away time! Fly fly fly!

So anyway - nothing came out of the marketing op. But guess what? I did it ONCE! Did I expect to have 30 sales from ONE time doing something? Uhhh... no. I did have a couple sales from the girls at work, so that's good. I just need to get my stuff out there! MORE MORE MORE!

I'm researching marketing stuff. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Logo Designing... so important!

When I first started this Sedilu Venture, I decided that I was going to whip up a quick logo. I was going to focus on baby items which is fab. It's what I'm going to still be doing. But I realized, after really focusing on boy items - that my logo (with the pink butterfly) didn't really go between boy and girl. So I changed the color of the butterfly to green and blue.

CUTE! But... I'm still not happy with it... It is still too girly. It's not modern. It's not hip. It's... quite frankly... BLAH. And I'm starting to hate it.

So I just didn't know where I was going. I was in a sort of a fog... floating through with temporary stuff like temporary tattoos - luckily I didn't spend money on designing it. I did it myself. BUT I did spend a lot of time on it... so that's about all I've wasted (and about $10 for the vector images)... but life goes on.

SO today I'm browsing the web ( for my new logo for my spinoff venture SediluGreen (which is totally cool reusable items!) and I find what is called...

I can't begin to express how I was like "oh wow! Check that out! LOVES IT! OOO! OOO!" Anything with that Olive green and brown that is sooooo in right now - Yeah. I'm digging it to the 100th degree.

So I think that I'm going to have a logo designed (you can get GREAT designers to do this for CHEAP on etsy - I'm talking like $50 compared to like $150+++ by designers on the web!) So I've been browsing for about 35 minutes over my lunch break to find some fabulous images for someone to design my store header (on etsy! YAY! LOVES THE ETSY!) and my logo for print design and labels.

I'm pretty excited. BUT - I have to remember that the logo is going to be for a long time. It's branding. Remember that branding is a HUGE part of business. People need to be able to recognize your items by your logo. It's your imprint on society and your niche. I have to think about this before jumping in headfirst (and you do too if you're starting a business or a boutique or anything!!) - is this a lasting thing that I can use for the next 10 years or is it a passing trend?

Whatever you do - don't follow trends when it comes to design and business logos. No no no! It's sure disaster when you have to redesign in 5 years and pretty much start over on branding...

But if you're not concerned about that - more power to you go for it!

I just know what I love. I totally *heart* retro/mod. Every time I see an item with a retro owl or mushroom (and I used to LOVE mushrooms back in the day - I even had clear mushroom stickers on my car tail lights - many many moons ago!) I'm a pile of "awww!"

So, that's the update. I'll be posting about my new "Green" venture and of course the ROCK N ROLL stuff I have rolling out.

Now... just to get time to.... Oh... MAKE the stuff! Now, that's a novel idea!! Making the stuff to sell it and getting it out of my head. hmmmm...

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Slow going - for sure!

So this is all so slooooooow going! I had the idea that I would be sewing away and all of my ideas would be fabulous (which most of them are, if I do say so myself - haha) and I would have all the hours in the day to sew my heart out. Well. Guess what? That's not really the case, now is it? Uhhh. No.

Here's the reality -

I work 40 hours a week. I pick up the boy from "daycare" (really Karate with an afterschool/summer program - I LOVE IT). I go home. I make dinner (it's past 6 by this point). I get the boy in the bathtub. I get the boy his bedtime snack (now it's 7:15 PM). I put him in the bed. We read a book. I cuddle with him for a few minutes. Now, it's past 8 (most nights). I wipe the nearly asleep from my eyes. I talk to Sean for a few minutes. I work. Now it's 9 PM. I work until Midnight. I'm exhausted.

I get up at 6. I should get up at 4:30. But no. That's not happening!

I'm starting to realize that I'm gung ho. But... as Sean mentioned to me several times - I need to manage my time. He's so right. On the weekends when I'm working, I try to get stuff done - but in reality - I'm all over the place - I'm cleaning, cooking, doing dishes, playing with Lucian. And... in the midst of all that - I work for about ohh.... 2 hours. Boooo!

So, here it is. Time management time! I'm going to manage my time. Effectively.

Now, just how I'm going to do that is a little beyond me... Hmmm... *scratching chin*

Any help? :)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Interesting Site & Company

So I'm doing some research on... well... we won't get into that. I just like to learn about things. So I'm researching through the web and come across this site:

If you're a geek like me, check this out! What they do is pretty cool. Not to mention, they do scholarships and other cool stuff. Here's a brief portion of their history...

Since 1992
In 1992, ASPEX Corporation introduced the “PC” of scanning electron microscopes, the ASPEX personal SEM. The automated particle analyzer—based on integrated SEM-EDS technology—is ASPEX’s flagship product. The ASPEX PSEM has consistently provided customers with a reliable workhorse solution for their particle analysis needs-particle size, shape and elemental composition. Since the first introduction of the PSEMTM innovations and improvements in component technology, robust form factors and software enhancements have allowed ASPEX to continue to offer superior solutions to a variety customer’s needs of the last 15 years.

ASPEX can help your company to achieve high performance by supplying automated micro contamination quality-control systems to customers with particle contamination and manufacturing cleanliness issues, as well as innovative microanalysis solutions for monitoring product quality and inspecting medical devices.

Do you know of anyone that needs this service? It's pretty cool if you ask me. Browse around their site and check it out...

I'm a total science fanatic and this stuff fascinates me! Even if it's not your cup of tea, browse that site. You'll see some pretty neat-o stuff!!

Also, for the kiddos - they offer $1,000 scholarships. In today's economy... that's good stuff.

Here are some videos...

This is totally cool stuff!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Anyone with allergies is going to relate to this - completely. I. Feel. Like. Dog. Doo. I can barely speak (which Sean cheered for - ha ha honey...) and my head feels like it's floating in a vat of bacon grease. Although I L O V E the smell of bacon, having my head wallowing in it - not cool.

The pollen is a-flyin' early this year. It got me. Hard. I am taking my medication, but alas - it was too late! And I'm down to 4 pills. Fab. Just fab.

So today is flying by (THANK GOODNESS) and I haven't done much. I, honestly, just want to go home and break out my snuggie and cuddle up on the couch - oh and add a decaf coffee (sprinkled with Bailey's). Delish.

But I can't. LUCKILY I keep a clean house and don't have to do anything other than cook (ugh) tonight. Maybe Sean will be so kind and take that duty (please please please honey wouldya?)

So, no creating going on over here. I have a few ideas but I just can't implement them.

Wise word of the day? Go to sleep. It will be better tomorrow.

No really. Just teasing. Wise word.... Check back tomorrow. :)

Blah. Humbug.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ideas Abound

I started an informational website. Let's not beat around the bush here people. I did it! I've actually been pretty busy doing a few things when it comes to Sedilu. I got the small business development class lined up (after missing TWO of them because of LIFE coming in and saying "not today Dinnetta. Not today"). And Life sort of came today and said "woah Nellie! Not today" but I'm telling that LIFE to just hush for a minute. I'm doing this. I'm just going to have to compromise and improvise a little bit. I'm not waiting any longer! Lucian. Grab your games boy. We're going to learn about business!! I can almost hear his squeals of delight (yeah, not so much).

The website is (drumroll please!):

This is how it goes. I'm going to be doing a lot of custom items. I LOVE custom items! So I'll post the fabrics that I have available (or have access to!) and people can go and choose their fabrics. Snazzy huh? This is going to be great for blankets, pillows, onesies (once I get there) and other clothing items (again, once I get there!). I'm actually really super excited about it!

In reality, by the time YOU are reading this blog, it's going to be fully operational because I haven't advertised this blog pretty much - at all! So how would you know it's here? The internet is an OCEAN of EVERYTHING and I'm just a plankton being swept along in the current. Oh, my trusty lovelies, the day shall come! And when that day comes that I have followers - mwuahahahah! I'll love it! :) I know. I'm such an attention fiend. *wink*

Anywhoo! Back on topic (I swear I have ADD!). I'm going to continue to increase my arsenal of fabrics and include a TON of popular designers like Michael Miller, Amy Butler, and Alexander Henry. I absolutely ADORE these people's whimsical designs. I mean, ADORE! If you have any ideas or suggestions for the website (which will include a business blog too! OH. MY. GOSH this blogging thing is totally addicting - I act like I have a lot of time but I love it! I like to talk. What can I say?). It's exciting to start something.

Advice for today?

Stick with it. Regardless of how "far behind" you think you are, it's not that bad. If you quit, you'll have a problem. But as long as you WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS, and make them realistic (that's a key there), you'll be just fine. I have yet to learn how to use my embroidery machine, but I was unrealistic about my goals. I just didn't have the time (or, quite frankly the motivation) to do it. But if you are realistic, write it down, and keep trucking along, you're going to make it.

Right now I'm in a learning stage. I am taking a free marketing and SEO class (YOU HAVE GOT TO TAKE IT. Awesome lessons. I'll put the link at the bottom of the post) and learning as much as I can. I think that I jumped into this a little too early but you have GOT to learn these lessons. Otherwise you'll never have lived.

Take chances. Live life. Go. Go. Go! Take your baby steps because it takes time. But once you learn how to walk, you're going to learn how to jog. Once you're jogging, you're going to learn how to run and when you take off running - there's no looking back. Ignore those side stitches and keep going lovey! You're going to be amazed at the power of YOU!

Here's the link to the free marketing and SEO classes. The founder's name is Cricket and she's the nicest, informative, and attentive person! If you have a question, you better believe it's going to be answered. I haven't had a chance to keep up with all the lessons, but I'm telling you - I have learned SO MUCH from her!

Best of luck and BLESS! I'm on the way. And you can be too!

Until next time lovies. TTFN.

Check out her website. You won't regret it. On the page that I posted, you need to scroll down to register. Super easy. It's a web group. She gives specific instructions on what to do to join! Lots of information. LOVE IT!

Moving right along

I can't believe how quickly time goes by. I remember when I was in high school it seemed as though time dragged on and the weekend NEVER came. Sitting in class nearly falling asleep listening to the teacher drone on about the civil war or some biological wonder that no one really cared about in class except for the teacher.

But here I am. Sitting on the couch on a Saturday at 7:07 AM (and have been up for nearly an hour now) blogging because I haven't done it since FEBRUARY 24th! It feels like I just sat down here about 3 days ago. *sigh* Where, oh where, does the time go? I have a sneaky suspicion that there is a gremlin somewhere stealing it, but my suspicions go unfounded (for now - only because I don't have time to investigate the matter). And THEN, society throws a wrench into my life once again and takes an hour from me TONIGHT - darn daylight savings time. I personally think they need to get rid of it - Arizona doesn't have it - and they're still doing just fine. Go figure!!

Anyway, so I am going to a small business development class today to learn about licensing and permitting and other such things that I am going to need when I finally get enough financial backing and "peace" to start Sedilu going on the right track. I'll have to blog and let you know how it turns out. I think that it's going to be good. Considering that I have zero clue on where to start and it's proven that when a person feels overwhelmed... they SHUT IT DOWN and I am no different. I did some research and found about 8 BAZILLION websites with information - not all pertinent to my state - and my head about exploded. This is a free class mind you - and I'm loving that. With the economy being so shaky, it would be crazy not to learn everything you can right now to get things going. I can't procrastinate this! I have to take Lucian with me to the class (gulp) but he's a good kid. So it should be ok. I'll take his PSP and some food and he should be ok for the 2 hours (please please please hope that I'm right!). Sean has to work. Dang job. Oh yeah. WE LIKE WORK! Work is good. Work pays the bills.

You know, I had it in my head that this was going to be simple. I was going to sew some stuff. I was going to list a few things on etsy and VOILA. I was going to start seeing my investment make some returns (that oh so lovely ROI). But after starting, I realize - that this needs more. I need to market my wares. But to market anything I need to HAVE A GOOD set INVENTORY of items. I can't just start sending out marketing materials for what - 4 designs? Crazy! So I am taking Dave Ramsey's advice and taking BABY STEPS! Shockingly good idea! I got overwhelmed sewing until my fingers bled (not really but it felt like that!).

SO if you're starting a venture - work at it slowly. Nothing comes quickly. Good things come to those who wait. Patience is a virtue. Am I making you sick with these cliche's? Yeah. Me too.

But it's true. Don't rush it. Take your time or you're going to shut right down and get nothing accomplished. I started a little informational website because I have a great idea for customizing blankets, pillows and even dresses and such (when I get to that point) which I'm going to post about in a little bit. It's actually pretty cool and I had a BLAST doing it! As of today, I haven't gotten much on it, but it's going to be really neat when it's done! I'm totally excited about it! I'll be right back to post about it! YAY.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Follow-Up on the "Marketing Op"

So nothing has come out of the blankets that I feverishly created and donated to Lucian's school. I had such high hopes, but in the end... I didn't get to do a table at the event and pretty much all I could do was put a sample sheet in the blanket along with my card and hang tag. BUT - alas! I am NOT discouraged. The key to starting anything is that you must follow through with it. TO THE END. Don't get discouraged, which I was close to doing at one point (I took off about 2 weeks from sewing and just cut out Pokemon for my other side business... I have a couple of those right now for extra money!) and didn't get much sewing done. But I'm motivated again. I got a new walking foot (otherwise known as an even feed foot) and wow. It makes sewing stretchy and difficult to sew fabrics a breeze.

Here's what it looks like just in case you need to get one - I'm telling you - it's AWESOME. It acts like another set of feet on your sewing machine so those slippery little sucker fabrics don't get away from you (isn't that frustrating? I know. It is!). Anyway... Here it is. My new savior of sewing...


So... I'm back on it. I'm starting to sew again and made Sean's cousin a lovey and some pee pee cups (my newest favoritest thing to sell! I just listed some. Wish me luck). I think they're the CUTEST thing that a baby is going to pee on EVER! DUDE! CUTE!


Oh yeah, and here's the lovey I made for her baby (1 month old and ADORABLE) Rhett (I loved making this one by the way - WITH my new walking foot!):



Toodles my lovelies. I have to finish up at work (day job... WOOHOO).

And I have to pee (I know. TMI).

Friday, February 20, 2009

Dave Ramsey!

Guess I haven't posted in like - an eternity. I guess there's just a lot going on! Join the club, right? Yeah. That's what I figured. Nothing really exciting. Sean and I were supposed to be married on February 20th. But, we postponed. No no no... nothing wrong. Just allocated that money towards something else. Speaking of MONEY!

I was talking to the CFO of the company that I work for (my day job - have to have one of those right now! Holy shaky economy!) and he mentioned that they'd be holding a Dave Ramsey course. COUNT ME IN. I jumped on that. So we sign up and I take Sean to the first class. Of course it's just a certified Dave Ramsey-ite and not the man himself... but we get to watch him on DVD. Anyway, if you EVER EVER EVER in your life get to take one of his courses/seminars - DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT. That's a resounding - DO IT. When I tell you that after the first class, Sean ACTUALLY started to GET why I wanted to 1. Pay off my car THIS year, 2. pay off the house in 15 years and 3. GET OUT OF DEBT - which, by the way, means that we don't have to pay ANYONE else payments! I sort of had the ideas and the foundations down of becoming financially secure. But I needed a pro to pound it into my brain. And that's what Ramsey does. Pounds it into your brain in a fun manner.

I'm telling you - it's almost like a hammer hits you in the head and you say "wow. It's THAT easy?" But, in reality, it's not. It's an entire lifestyle change and some people will be resistant, but I have to tell you - the idea of paying off my house by the time I'm 50... that sounds wonderful and amazing and just surreal. The idea of having a minimum of $1,000,000 for retirement... can you even imagine? I can't.

Read more about Dave Ramsey if you haven't ever heard of him. My GOD he's amazing. And all he did was just change his lifestyle and now, through his learning and teaching, he's a millionaire - a few times over I'm sure. He puts things into perspective and talks about taking baby steps. Baby steps - who can NOT relate to that? Too many people like to jump into things too quickly - and they get frustrated. With Dave's method, which he came back from Bankruptcy and created all of this (by the way! HE LIVED IT!) it's so easy. It's just that you have to WANT and NEED the change. Debt free living? What the heck IS that? Society has taught us that debt is good... WHAT? Unbelievable in reality. Now... it's come to my attention that without debt - I can have like - $3000 a MONTH E-X-T-R-A to MYSELF (ok, so that would be myself and the family... but still!!). WHAT?

Check out some links. You won't be sorry. AT ALL. You'll have to pay for the materials and maybe the course, but you'll make that back and so much more. Trust me!

Listen to his radio show if you ever have a chance. Good stuff! He's even charismatic which helps tremendously!

Look at some YouTube vids... Just do a search on him...

Wow. That's big stuff! I'll have to post my progress... :) HOW EXCITING!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Realization, some thoughts

SO I'm sitting at my desk at my JOB (which so many unfortunate Americans have lost in this increasingly shaky economy) and I realize that the economy hasn't hit me. Not because I have a job that I can go to every morning and not because we have money to pay our bills, but because of the positive attitude that comes forth. In times like these, it's so easy to say "Oh woe is me. I'm going to stay in bed all day and not do a thing." How is this productive? It's not.

I thought to myself a week or so ago "how on earth are you going to start a business and SELL items that aren't exactly cheap to people that may not have grocery money for the next month. It's crazy!" And guess what? I started thinking on the downside. I thought that this investment of time and all of this money (I'm in this about $2,000 so far including new sewing machine $400, embroidery machine $900, Fabric at LEAST another $550 - $600 with an order that I'm trying to put together to create a "line" of cohesive products that will top $600, not to mention the books that I've purchased and the misc supplies like a new scanner, hole punch, binders, etc... topping probably $400 or more and I'm SURE that I'm missing something in there...), storage bins $150. Not to mention the $250 or so that I had to sink into my computer that crashed... and what is it going to get me? Deeper into debt? Immediate downer.

What do you do when you start thinking like that? When you start doubting yourself? Turn it around. Think to the future. If you've lost your job think "something better is going to come around and it may take some time, but it WILL come". Good things come to those who wait. I remember someone on my family saying that often and for the life of me can't remember who - my immediate family is filled of "Downer Dotties"... you know the type. And it's true.

I told Sean when we first met that things just work out for me. They do. I may make a couple bad decisions along the way, but things work out. Why? Because I stay positive and don't let the downers get into my path. If I find something negative, I'm going to try to find something positive in it.

I'm divorced from Lucian's dad (and I use that term loosely based on his performance as a "dad") and although I initiated that, I felt like I was never going to find anyone that met my needs. Who loved me for me. Who worked just as hard as I did. Who met my values and saw me eye to eye. I have to admit - it was a downer. It was a HUGE downer. I wallowed in self pity for like - 2 days - and kicked myself in the ass and said - WHO CARES?! Guess what? You have a WONDERFUL little boy that came out of that disaster of a relationship. Positive Found!

Then, without warning, Sean came along. The most wonderfully amazing man that I have ever known or had the priviledge to share my life with. Positive!!

So in these hard economic times, where is the positive? If I can't sell my items, am I going to be sitting on tons and tons of fabric, machines, materials, notions, ideas (which are luckily free), and storage devices, blah blah blah? Woe is me. Woe is me. HAHA! And you know what??

Turn it around. Turn it into a positive. Turn it into "The future is always brighter than the present." Something GOOD will come out of everything as long as you remain positive, have your morals and values in line and the planets will align just for you at just the right time.

Starting anything sales oriented right now is frightening. It's downright crazy to think that it's going to take off when people are scrounging to buy the newspaper to even look for a job. But, where is the positive in this you may ask?

The future. What is going to happen when the economy takes an upswing? People are going to get jobs, have money, be secure, and then they're going to do it - they're going to SPLURGE. They're going to splurge on things that their kids were deprived of (in their minds). They're gonig to spend money on creature comforts. They're going to be looking for that unique item that just stares at them an in that deep french Parisian accent and says "buy me. Oh buy me you lovely lovely lovely thing!"

So I tell you - everything and anything is possible if you keep your eyes on that prize - regardless of what it is. Stay and think positive and don't even LET any negatives bog you down - regardless of how "bad" it may get... it WILL be better and you'll thank yourself for that time you spent not wallowing, but living.

Toodles my lovelies.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Marketing Op!

I have been wringing my brain clean of any sort of ideas trying to figure out what the most effective method of marketing is going to be to get my blankets "out there" in the public eye. I can't afford to pay for the site right now and I can't afford to print up 100's of brochures to hand out and I don't have enough samples (ok I have ZERO samples right now) to take to boutiques and such. What a dilemma. What a frustrating dilemma. Then I realize - this is going to take some time. Breathe. That is one of the most important things when starting a new venture - take your time. Things are not going to happen overnight. Evaluate what you're going to do and where you want to go and set a REALISTIC goal. Without realistic goals (and realistic is absolutely the key word here) there is no use in going forward because you will fail. There is no doubt in my mind - frustration makes everyone just want to throw in the towel... but don't do it. Keep forging ahead. (wise words of the day alert!)

So, I stopped thinking about marketing and started focusing on making blankets. How can you market if you have no product? Yeah. That's what I said to - you can't. It's impossible. What are you going to sell to people - an idea? Ideas don't get you very far when you're manufacturing something to sell. Brilliant me coming out now.... Marketing AFTER product. Check. And then I open Lucian's backpack....

On February 10th there is a silent auction happening at his school. Apparently it's like this big deal. People donate a shitload of stuff to make up these baskets for people to bid on. My Business hat IMMEDIATELY goes on and I email the organizer - HollyJo. I ask if I can put my cards attached to the blankets and donate them to the auction. She's ecstatic and tells me "YES! Of course! If you want, you can set up a little stand with samples or a booklet and a bunch of your cards!" I almost pass out. COOL! I mean, it's a small thing, but it will at least get my blankets (which totally rock) out there in the public eye... Women who know women who have babies (I don't know any of those women - You need to leave the house to know women who have babies!). So I'm rockin' and rollin' and need to make 5 blankets in 8 days. *gulp*

I started on the cutest blanket last night. I think I'm going to call it the "Patsy blanket" because Sean said "you know - some people probably would want cutesy blankets. Baby-looking ones."

To which I am staring at my minky swirl and pink zebra fur block blanket back and say "what do you mean? This is totally cute!"

His reply "yeah. It's cute. But not everyone wants their baby walking around dressing like Pat Benetar."

*rolling eyes* Then I laughed. Where does he come up with this crap? That's why I love him. FUNNY...

So the "Patsy" blankets are born. I'll post a picture of the finished sample product (that I'll donate for 95% a good cause - 5% selfishness to get my stuff out there!).

I realize that you have to start somewhere. Start small. Work your way up. I LITERALLY just started making these blankets and I'm already getting myself in deep emotionally. Which is great. But I need to understand that stepping back and taking it a little slowly is how to go. If I don't, I'm going to get burned out quickly and I don't want that. I still have my other products to make (unrelated to this venture) and it's time consuming. Focus. Re-Group. Take one step at a time. The product is the most important thing right now. One step at a time.

But that's not my style. If I do something I jump in and jump in the deep end - HARD. I immerse myself into everything that I do and I need to be the best at it. Childhood trauma I suppose. Feelings of inadequacy seeping through. But... the upside of it is that it makes me work harder and be the best I can be at everything I do. Failure is not an option. :)

Until Next Time...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Samples & Sewing

I'm getting the samples done to photograph and put online. My site won't be done until probably more towards the end of the year, but that's ok. That gives me plenty of time to sew sew sew. I have to say, I think that I have finally found my passion. Creating these things really gives me a creative outlet and I just totally love it. It really makes up for all of the things that I was told I couldn't do while growing up... It's therapy of sorts. I recommend it to everyone and anyone that needs something more in their lives... find an outlet and go with it. Whether it is fishing, hunting, sewing, reading, speaking to crowds, volunteering at a shelter - anything that you're good at - do it and do it often. You'll be surprised at how fulfilled you are after you do something that YOU love - not something that someone else WANTS you to love. Ignore any naysayers because you need to make you happy before you can truly live life to the fullest. (Wise words of the day alert)...

I was so inspired this weekend by family and good times. I felt revived and refreshed. We sat around and played Monopoly until 11 (it's unheard of that Lucian stay up that late but he was a trooper and played "big people" monopoly with us!). I should have taken pictures but didn't. Horrible, I know. But it was a blast.

Sunday I woke up at 6:30 and immediately started working on some projects. It took me all day (mainly because I had to figure and re-figure measurements - anyone who knows me knows that math is NOT my strong suit...), but I made a gorgeous blanket for our friends' newborn and I absolutely STINKIN LOVE IT. I almost don't want to give it up. But... I must. I just want to carry it around with me and look at it. It's THAT cute. It's going to DEFINITELY be in my line of blankets.



I found a new way to organize myself.

Writing things down. Go figure! Who'd have thunk it? If you write something down, it's amazing what you can accomplish because it's solid. It's there. Staring at you saying "you lazy thing! You can never get me done... Or can you?" And guess what? I scream back "oh yes I can!" and Voila! Stuff gets done. Amazing.

I have set goals.

By the end of the year, I am going to have my site up and fully functional chock full of handcrafted items made by me and other Mom-preneurs (I LOVE that word)

I am going to have stock of fabric and designs for pre-designs and customs ready
I will have learned how to use my embroidery machine (received 1/16/09) by February 15
I will be turning a profit on my custom items by March (or before, but March is practical)
I will also, by March 30th learn more advanced sewing techniques to better enhance my projects
By 2011, I will be designing clothing
By 2012, I will have others manufacturing my items for me

Oh, and did I mention that I wanted to quit my job by the end of the year too? That might be a good one to mention!

Hefty goals you say? Yeah. But it's possible. VERY possible. Even with working a full time job on top of it. I'm strong. I can do anything.

I am woman. Hear me roar.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Inspiration & Easy Bake

I SO need some inspiration today. I'm working and up to my eyeballs in paperwork wishing that I were at home designing and sewing. I worked on my cut sheet this morning to send to a couple of websites to sell on (I needed a break from accounting) and think that I have it perfected. I keep leaning towards whimisical designs for the blankets and pillows and I think that I have an overabundance of ideas that it's hard to corral them all in. So... I need inspiration to lift my spirits and get moving. I found this photo and I laughed so... I'm getting to feeling a little better.


But still... I want to be at home with my Singer alone with Charlotte Kendrick and Priscilla Ahn just singing and dancing around with thread flowing from my earlobes rolling in tons of fabric.


I had to get back to reality here. I took about 10 minutes also to edit some photos from when the Boy and I baked some "delicious" cookies with his Easy Bake oven that Granny got him for Christmas. After choking down about 1/8 of one, I insisted that Lucian eat his creation so that he could indulge MORE of the delicious-ness! He asked me to try some with chocolate on it, so of course I did. What are good moms for? Eating yucki-ness to appease our children's creativity. So, for the sake of creativity... mmmmm.


This great memory made me smile too... The inspiration is coming to me...Based on good memories and funny times... The instructions sort of baffled me... Add 1/4 teaspoon of water? To an ENTIRE packet of powder? Uhhh... ok...? So I did it and it was interesting, to say the least. You had to squish it all together to get this tiny amount of water to soak up. Rather humorous actually. Hey, saved me some eggs I guess!


The Budding Photographer... I happen to LOVE Lucian's Photos...So innocent and pure!

The finished product...

I might add... that I had to literally CHISEL these cookies out of the little pans... Yes. I said CHISEL...

and how can we forget with CHOCOLATE??! uhhh...mmmm?


Note to self - get curtains in breakfast area...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

It's the start of a new Era!

That's it. I'm going to do it. I'm going to start blogging and no one can stop me. Not even a herd of wild Elephants... Ok. MAYBE a herd of elephants, but CERTAINLY not... LIFE! Which, by chance, can be like a herd of elephants, but I digress.

I am excited about this little blogging venture. I'm determined to quit my day job and start sewing for a living. But for now, this job is what pays the bills, and in hard economic times, it's difficult to justify quitting a perfectly good job that pays pretty well to go into a venture that, let's face it, needs to have financial backing before it gets kicked off. But once it's up and running - you'll LOVE what I have to offer! I'm so excited to be able to start designing and sewing and just loving what I do! Let's face it, not everyone can do that. I do like my job, but it's boring. I want something to do that challenges me and Sedilu WILL challenge me.

One of these days I'm going to be living the dream - one of the luckiest women on the planet! It's all about remaining positive!
And I'll need some positive thoughts and inspiration... So, please feel free to post things that YOU feel are inspirational. Everyone needs a little help once in a while!

However, I am determined not to let anything, and I mean anything, deter me. I started writing about my little venture in November but had not posted anything. It's due time my dears. Due time.

I will be posting pictures and dialogue documenting for all to read. I hope that I can be inspirational and allow for all to follow the dawn of the newest Era - Sedilu... Bringing you handcrafted baby and kid items designed by none other than *drumroll please*


And so it begins...

PS - here we are... :)

This is my soon to be "step-daughter" Kourtnee, me and my son Lucian (aren't those kids good lookin'?)


This is Me and an AMAZING Man Sean (the "se" in Sedilu). I just love him!


Then, it's TAYLOR who's a 15 year old boy with a lot of spunk... He wasn't with us on Thanksgiving when we look the other photos... so he's separate. I spared the gory deer that he's holding that he shot (I'm sorry. They hunt! I can't stop the boys from doing it! I just do my thing while they're out - it's peace and quiet!)


Last but not least... me, Dinnetta, the "di" in Sedilu, and Lucian (the "lu") aka "the Boy". He'll be called that often in this blog. :)