Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Logo Designing... so important!

When I first started this Sedilu Venture, I decided that I was going to whip up a quick logo. I was going to focus on baby items which is fab. It's what I'm going to still be doing. But I realized, after really focusing on boy items - that my logo (with the pink butterfly) didn't really go between boy and girl. So I changed the color of the butterfly to green and blue.

CUTE! But... I'm still not happy with it... It is still too girly. It's not modern. It's not hip. It's... quite frankly... BLAH. And I'm starting to hate it.

So I just didn't know where I was going. I was in a sort of a fog... floating through with temporary stuff like temporary tattoos - luckily I didn't spend money on designing it. I did it myself. BUT I did spend a lot of time on it... so that's about all I've wasted (and about $10 for the vector images)... but life goes on.

SO today I'm browsing the web (http://www.istockphoto.com/) for my new logo for my spinoff venture SediluGreen (which is totally cool reusable items!) and I find what is called...

I can't begin to express how I was like "oh wow! Check that out! LOVES IT! OOO! OOO!" Anything with that Olive green and brown that is sooooo in right now - Yeah. I'm digging it to the 100th degree.

So I think that I'm going to have a logo designed (you can get GREAT designers to do this for CHEAP on etsy - I'm talking like $50 compared to like $150+++ by designers on the web!) So I've been browsing for about 35 minutes over my lunch break to find some fabulous images for someone to design my store header (on etsy! YAY! LOVES THE ETSY!) and my logo for print design and labels.

I'm pretty excited. BUT - I have to remember that the logo is going to be for a long time. It's branding. Remember that branding is a HUGE part of business. People need to be able to recognize your items by your logo. It's your imprint on society and your niche. I have to think about this before jumping in headfirst (and you do too if you're starting a business or a boutique or anything!!) - is this a lasting thing that I can use for the next 10 years or is it a passing trend?

Whatever you do - don't follow trends when it comes to design and business logos. No no no! It's sure disaster when you have to redesign in 5 years and pretty much start over on branding...

But if you're not concerned about that - more power to you go for it!

I just know what I love. I totally *heart* retro/mod. Every time I see an item with a retro owl or mushroom (and I used to LOVE mushrooms back in the day - I even had clear mushroom stickers on my car tail lights - many many moons ago!) I'm a pile of "awww!"

So, that's the update. I'll be posting about my new "Green" venture and of course the ROCK N ROLL stuff I have rolling out.

Now... just to get time to.... Oh... MAKE the stuff! Now, that's a novel idea!! Making the stuff to sell it and getting it out of my head. hmmmm...

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