Thursday, March 26, 2009

Interesting Site & Company

So I'm doing some research on... well... we won't get into that. I just like to learn about things. So I'm researching through the web and come across this site:

If you're a geek like me, check this out! What they do is pretty cool. Not to mention, they do scholarships and other cool stuff. Here's a brief portion of their history...

Since 1992
In 1992, ASPEX Corporation introduced the “PC” of scanning electron microscopes, the ASPEX personal SEM. The automated particle analyzer—based on integrated SEM-EDS technology—is ASPEX’s flagship product. The ASPEX PSEM has consistently provided customers with a reliable workhorse solution for their particle analysis needs-particle size, shape and elemental composition. Since the first introduction of the PSEMTM innovations and improvements in component technology, robust form factors and software enhancements have allowed ASPEX to continue to offer superior solutions to a variety customer’s needs of the last 15 years.

ASPEX can help your company to achieve high performance by supplying automated micro contamination quality-control systems to customers with particle contamination and manufacturing cleanliness issues, as well as innovative microanalysis solutions for monitoring product quality and inspecting medical devices.

Do you know of anyone that needs this service? It's pretty cool if you ask me. Browse around their site and check it out...

I'm a total science fanatic and this stuff fascinates me! Even if it's not your cup of tea, browse that site. You'll see some pretty neat-o stuff!!

Also, for the kiddos - they offer $1,000 scholarships. In today's economy... that's good stuff.

Here are some videos...

This is totally cool stuff!

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