Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ideas Abound

I started an informational website. Let's not beat around the bush here people. I did it! I've actually been pretty busy doing a few things when it comes to Sedilu. I got the small business development class lined up (after missing TWO of them because of LIFE coming in and saying "not today Dinnetta. Not today"). And Life sort of came today and said "woah Nellie! Not today" but I'm telling that LIFE to just hush for a minute. I'm doing this. I'm just going to have to compromise and improvise a little bit. I'm not waiting any longer! Lucian. Grab your games boy. We're going to learn about business!! I can almost hear his squeals of delight (yeah, not so much).

The website is (drumroll please!):

This is how it goes. I'm going to be doing a lot of custom items. I LOVE custom items! So I'll post the fabrics that I have available (or have access to!) and people can go and choose their fabrics. Snazzy huh? This is going to be great for blankets, pillows, onesies (once I get there) and other clothing items (again, once I get there!). I'm actually really super excited about it!

In reality, by the time YOU are reading this blog, it's going to be fully operational because I haven't advertised this blog pretty much - at all! So how would you know it's here? The internet is an OCEAN of EVERYTHING and I'm just a plankton being swept along in the current. Oh, my trusty lovelies, the day shall come! And when that day comes that I have followers - mwuahahahah! I'll love it! :) I know. I'm such an attention fiend. *wink*

Anywhoo! Back on topic (I swear I have ADD!). I'm going to continue to increase my arsenal of fabrics and include a TON of popular designers like Michael Miller, Amy Butler, and Alexander Henry. I absolutely ADORE these people's whimsical designs. I mean, ADORE! If you have any ideas or suggestions for the website (which will include a business blog too! OH. MY. GOSH this blogging thing is totally addicting - I act like I have a lot of time but I love it! I like to talk. What can I say?). It's exciting to start something.

Advice for today?

Stick with it. Regardless of how "far behind" you think you are, it's not that bad. If you quit, you'll have a problem. But as long as you WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS, and make them realistic (that's a key there), you'll be just fine. I have yet to learn how to use my embroidery machine, but I was unrealistic about my goals. I just didn't have the time (or, quite frankly the motivation) to do it. But if you are realistic, write it down, and keep trucking along, you're going to make it.

Right now I'm in a learning stage. I am taking a free marketing and SEO class (YOU HAVE GOT TO TAKE IT. Awesome lessons. I'll put the link at the bottom of the post) and learning as much as I can. I think that I jumped into this a little too early but you have GOT to learn these lessons. Otherwise you'll never have lived.

Take chances. Live life. Go. Go. Go! Take your baby steps because it takes time. But once you learn how to walk, you're going to learn how to jog. Once you're jogging, you're going to learn how to run and when you take off running - there's no looking back. Ignore those side stitches and keep going lovey! You're going to be amazed at the power of YOU!

Here's the link to the free marketing and SEO classes. The founder's name is Cricket and she's the nicest, informative, and attentive person! If you have a question, you better believe it's going to be answered. I haven't had a chance to keep up with all the lessons, but I'm telling you - I have learned SO MUCH from her!

Best of luck and BLESS! I'm on the way. And you can be too!

Until next time lovies. TTFN.

Check out her website. You won't regret it. On the page that I posted, you need to scroll down to register. Super easy. It's a web group. She gives specific instructions on what to do to join! Lots of information. LOVE IT!

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