Monday, March 9, 2009


Anyone with allergies is going to relate to this - completely. I. Feel. Like. Dog. Doo. I can barely speak (which Sean cheered for - ha ha honey...) and my head feels like it's floating in a vat of bacon grease. Although I L O V E the smell of bacon, having my head wallowing in it - not cool.

The pollen is a-flyin' early this year. It got me. Hard. I am taking my medication, but alas - it was too late! And I'm down to 4 pills. Fab. Just fab.

So today is flying by (THANK GOODNESS) and I haven't done much. I, honestly, just want to go home and break out my snuggie and cuddle up on the couch - oh and add a decaf coffee (sprinkled with Bailey's). Delish.

But I can't. LUCKILY I keep a clean house and don't have to do anything other than cook (ugh) tonight. Maybe Sean will be so kind and take that duty (please please please honey wouldya?)

So, no creating going on over here. I have a few ideas but I just can't implement them.

Wise word of the day? Go to sleep. It will be better tomorrow.

No really. Just teasing. Wise word.... Check back tomorrow. :)

Blah. Humbug.

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