Friday, February 20, 2009

Dave Ramsey!

Guess I haven't posted in like - an eternity. I guess there's just a lot going on! Join the club, right? Yeah. That's what I figured. Nothing really exciting. Sean and I were supposed to be married on February 20th. But, we postponed. No no no... nothing wrong. Just allocated that money towards something else. Speaking of MONEY!

I was talking to the CFO of the company that I work for (my day job - have to have one of those right now! Holy shaky economy!) and he mentioned that they'd be holding a Dave Ramsey course. COUNT ME IN. I jumped on that. So we sign up and I take Sean to the first class. Of course it's just a certified Dave Ramsey-ite and not the man himself... but we get to watch him on DVD. Anyway, if you EVER EVER EVER in your life get to take one of his courses/seminars - DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT. That's a resounding - DO IT. When I tell you that after the first class, Sean ACTUALLY started to GET why I wanted to 1. Pay off my car THIS year, 2. pay off the house in 15 years and 3. GET OUT OF DEBT - which, by the way, means that we don't have to pay ANYONE else payments! I sort of had the ideas and the foundations down of becoming financially secure. But I needed a pro to pound it into my brain. And that's what Ramsey does. Pounds it into your brain in a fun manner.

I'm telling you - it's almost like a hammer hits you in the head and you say "wow. It's THAT easy?" But, in reality, it's not. It's an entire lifestyle change and some people will be resistant, but I have to tell you - the idea of paying off my house by the time I'm 50... that sounds wonderful and amazing and just surreal. The idea of having a minimum of $1,000,000 for retirement... can you even imagine? I can't.

Read more about Dave Ramsey if you haven't ever heard of him. My GOD he's amazing. And all he did was just change his lifestyle and now, through his learning and teaching, he's a millionaire - a few times over I'm sure. He puts things into perspective and talks about taking baby steps. Baby steps - who can NOT relate to that? Too many people like to jump into things too quickly - and they get frustrated. With Dave's method, which he came back from Bankruptcy and created all of this (by the way! HE LIVED IT!) it's so easy. It's just that you have to WANT and NEED the change. Debt free living? What the heck IS that? Society has taught us that debt is good... WHAT? Unbelievable in reality. Now... it's come to my attention that without debt - I can have like - $3000 a MONTH E-X-T-R-A to MYSELF (ok, so that would be myself and the family... but still!!). WHAT?

Check out some links. You won't be sorry. AT ALL. You'll have to pay for the materials and maybe the course, but you'll make that back and so much more. Trust me!

Listen to his radio show if you ever have a chance. Good stuff! He's even charismatic which helps tremendously!

Look at some YouTube vids... Just do a search on him...

Wow. That's big stuff! I'll have to post my progress... :) HOW EXCITING!

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