Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Follow-Up on the "Marketing Op"

So nothing has come out of the blankets that I feverishly created and donated to Lucian's school. I had such high hopes, but in the end... I didn't get to do a table at the event and pretty much all I could do was put a sample sheet in the blanket along with my card and hang tag. BUT - alas! I am NOT discouraged. The key to starting anything is that you must follow through with it. TO THE END. Don't get discouraged, which I was close to doing at one point (I took off about 2 weeks from sewing and just cut out Pokemon for my other side business... I have a couple of those right now for extra money!) and didn't get much sewing done. But I'm motivated again. I got a new walking foot (otherwise known as an even feed foot) and wow. It makes sewing stretchy and difficult to sew fabrics a breeze.

Here's what it looks like just in case you need to get one - I'm telling you - it's AWESOME. It acts like another set of feet on your sewing machine so those slippery little sucker fabrics don't get away from you (isn't that frustrating? I know. It is!). Anyway... Here it is. My new savior of sewing...


So... I'm back on it. I'm starting to sew again and made Sean's cousin a lovey and some pee pee cups (my newest favoritest thing to sell! I just listed some. Wish me luck). I think they're the CUTEST thing that a baby is going to pee on EVER! DUDE! CUTE!


Oh yeah, and here's the lovey I made for her baby (1 month old and ADORABLE) Rhett (I loved making this one by the way - WITH my new walking foot!):



Toodles my lovelies. I have to finish up at work (day job... WOOHOO).

And I have to pee (I know. TMI).

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