Monday, June 1, 2009

Time Management

I need a course in time management. Seriously. I do.

I always tell Sean that I need to work. So I sit down at my machine, sew something and get up to get something from the office in the garage (really the storage room that we put my junk in) or in the craft closet which is the spare bedroom closet. And then it happens,

I see the dishes. So I stop to do the dishes. I dry them. I put them away. I remember "oh yeah, I wanted to get some ribbon" and I get ribbon. By now, 30 minutes have passed and been wasted.

So I sit down to sew again. And then it happnes...

Lucian comes up to me and wants me to play. So we go build something with Kinex. Another 45 minutes of my workday gone. It was fun and SO worthwhile. But I'm not working.

SO I try to sew again and realize that I need to do laundry. SO I figure that I can throw a load in and sew while it's washing. But on my way back to the machine I need to clean off the counters because they're cluttered. Another 20 minutes gone.

Then something else happens. Someone calls. Sean wants me to go do something. Whatever the case may be...

How much time wasted? What's the use keeping track.... because the point is that the day is gone.
So then Sean gets on my case for always WORKING. But in reality, I'm not WORKING... I'm in the house and distracted. So I get what - an hour or two at the most of actual work happening. Out of an 8 hour day (on the weekend). I try getting up early but that's just an excuse to clean. Sean thinks that I'm working too much. I think that I'm not getting anything done and need to spend time with the family (I agree... which is why....)

It's frustrating. VERY frustrating.
It's frustrating because Sean feels like I'm deserting them. When in reality I'm doing this so I have MORE TIME with them. More time in that when I'm not working my day job - I'll have all day to do what I need to do and then the night time is free - totally free. Free nights and weekends... can you imagine that? Some of you can! I can't. Not yet.

So I have decided that the time that I'm going to work is at night. The weekends will be a STRICT 3 hours of work per day (and that will probably be at night as well).

It's a start. Wish me luck. I'm going to see if I can get some tools and actually USE them to manage my time. I'm nervous. I have butterflies....

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